Achieving Your Peak Potential: Changing Habits to Become More Productive

Sep 29, 2012

“Coffee is the way I fool myself into believing I’m going to have a productive day.” – Unknown   Increasing productivity at work has many benefits such as increase in profits and an overall sense of positive energy. But creating … Continue reading

Abbotsford Heat: Fuelling Your Best Game Leadership Summit Review

Sep 19, 2012

Good leaders talk to their staff but great leaders talk with them – PRIME Learning Group It wasn’t the atmosphere of a hockey game at the Abbotsford Exhibition Center, but former Canuck players and business leaders were making waves yesterday … Continue reading

Just a Little Spit and Polish

Sep 11, 2012

As mentioned in my previous blog, our company is undergoing change. In this case the change is physical – we have moved. However, it would seem that this one rather large change has encouraged us to make other changes. The … Continue reading

Welcoming Change

Sep 6, 2012

Inevitable Change Change. It arrives with fear, uncertainty and optimism and in the last year I have learned that change is inevitable. Our entire life involves a series of changes, both good and bad, and no matter how we feel, … Continue reading


Sep 5, 2012

Change. Just hearing the word by itself is enough to have shivers run up and down some people’s spines. The true paradox however, is that most people say they are in favor of change – as long as it doesn’t … Continue reading