Aboriginal Engagement For Corporations

Date: January 22 and 23
Location: BCIT, Downtown Campus
555 Seymour Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Respectful Aboriginal Engagement can lead to exceptional outcomes

The Aboriginal Engagement Program is a comprehensive program that provides an understanding of Aboriginal misconceptions and perspectives in Canada. The program is designed to help organizations develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal communities.

Our Aboriginal Engagement Program strives to:

  • Eliminate cultural stigmas by learning how to embrace Aboriginal diversity and cultural aspects
  • Gain an understanding of the comprehensive overview of Canada’s three main groups of Aboriginal people
  • Develop workplace strategies to overcome communication issues in Aboriginal business

Building business relationships that go beyond the scope of one project is imperative. This program will teach organizations how to build sustainable outcomes that will specifically meet the long-term needs of both corporations and Aboriginal communities while providing value on a consistent, ongoing basis.

By the end of this program, participants will develop a greater understanding of how to successfully foster future partnership development with Aboriginal peoples in Canada.


  • Cultural Awareness
  • Canada’s Aboriginal People: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities
  • History: Origin of Canada’s First Peoples
  • Communications Strategies

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Early Bird registration deadline ends December 1.

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