Aboriginals Engaging Corporate Canada

Location and Date: TBA – Coming Soon

A Program that meets the specific community and cultural needs of the Aboriginal leader

Every organization has its own unique corporate culture. Corporate culture is the personality of an organization created and maintained by its team. Understanding how corporate culture works in Canada can help Aboriginal communities take a more proactive approach to managing their development.

This course is a First Nations Leadership Development program that explores the dynamics of creating strong and sustainable communities, which will be able to effectively interact with diverse Canadian organizations, clients and colleagues. This course is designed to be practical, hands on, interactive and experiential.

Designed specifically for Aboriginal Leaders, participants will develop their leadership styles as they go through the experience of creating a community plan; they will use tools and techniques to strengthen their community’s capacity for governance, citizen engagement and strategic partnership development with various levels of government, corporations and other organizations. As well, the participants will investigate:

  • Politics and Business
  • Territorial Rights
  • Business development
  • Stakeholder management

This program is flexible (able to work in Community/Band, Tribal Council, and Provincial settings), cognizant of Aboriginal culture, needs, and issues, and aware of current and innovative leadership practices. Western knowledge, skills, and education are incorporated.


  • Identity
  • Impact of Traditions and Culture
  • Tools for the Creation of a Community Strategic Plan
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Creating Partnerships for Economic Development

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