AJ Mauger, Instructional Designer

A.J. is an Instructional Designer with PRIME Learning Group. As an Instructional Designer, his duties include developing curriculum using PRIME’s Path to Positive Results (P2PR) 4-step process. Through this role, A.J. has demonstrated remarkable research, writing and communication skills. His ability to think creatively yet maintain a critical and evaluative perspective enables him find effective and novel solutions to problems.

Prior to joining PRIME, A.J. has had wide variety of experience in different sectors, including software development, agribusiness, international trade, and curriculum development. His roles in these sectors allowed him develop skills in technical writing, research and interpersonal communication.

It is through self-motivation and hard work that A.J. now uses these skills to benefit PRIME’s clients in developing customized education solutions. A.J.’s utmost commitment to excellence forces him to demand only the very best for PRIME’s clients.