Alanna Dean, Director of Corporate Development

Alanna is the inspiration behind PRIME’s business model (P2PR™) and vision.

She created PRIME because she saw a need for respect in the workplace and firmly believes that people should enjoy what they are doing, and be able to work in environments that allow them to do just that.

An extremely driven, highly respected, and frequently sought after leader, Alanna is confident in her team’s abilities to deliver whatever is requested ensuring the highest quality and standards imaginable. She’s ambitious, innovative and guarantees positive results. This is something which has been realized by corporations such as: BC Rapid Transit Corporation, BC Hydro, the Government of the Northwest Territories, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), Indian and Northern Affairs, CISCO Technologies and the Ministry of Citizens Services, British Columbia and Intrawest Resort Development.

With over 11 years of experience in the adult education field (7 of which were spent as a Project Manager), Alanna has a proven track record. She has experience managing projects of varied scope in a variety of fields including: functioning as the Training and Development Manager for the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympic Games and the 2010 G8 and G20 Summits in Toronto.

In addition to this, Alanna is frequently invited as a keynote speaker and moderator at conferences. One of her greatest achievements however, is the fact that at just 29 years old, Alanna was a finalist as business woman of the year for the Surrey, British Columbia Board of Trade.

Alanna has the capacity to make people feel comfortable, valued and respected within the first few minutes of meeting them. She makes a point of knowing and remembering the names of practically every single person she comes in contact with. Within the first few hours of a training session, she’s able to put names to the faces of everyone in the room. She understands and appreciates the value that each person has, and makes it a point to convey their worth.

An innovative leader in education, organizational development and project management, her personal philosophy is not to teach people to change, but to ask questions, facilitate discussion and inspire conversation. It’s her hope and belief that such conversation will lead to learning and personal awareness. Alanna stands for equality, progress and community success and makes it a point to encourage and champion the lives and self-esteem of women, especially her daughters and other young women.

It’s her daughters and family who influence her life the most; and who she’s extremely passionate about. She frequently lists her children as being the number one catalyst behind her drive for excellence and her ability to reach (and exceed) her goals.

Her role as Director of Corporate Development provides strategic direction and guidance for the organization, acting as a lead and manager for all divisions (Project Management, Organizational Development and Customized Education). She further acts as PRIME’s primary contact for developing customized training programs, facilitation, and client relations.