Brad Sitter, Director of Operations

Brad holds the words, “always do your best, anything less is not worth doing” close to his chest; something that is quickly realized.

His attention to detail and dedication to the cause is truly top notch.

Over the last 20 years, his extensive portfolio has included stops in information technology, desktop support, software development, network administration, and most recently, workforce and finance management. If PRIME were a baseball team (Brad’s favourite sport) he’d most assuredly be the “utility player” – someone who is able to play several positions competently.

And speaking of baseball, Brad is PRIME’s resident Boston Red Sox fan. He also enjoys travelling and holds jamming with a band singing Beatles’ songs in the “IMAGINE” mosaic located in Strawberry Fields at Central Park, New York, as being his most memorable travel experience to date.

With PRIME, Brad’s role of Director of Operations provides strategic direction; focusing on improving productivity and overall operational excellence for the organization.