Feroz Dean, President

When faced with challenges in life, Feroz has met each one of them head on.

He has risen to every test and has exceeded all expectations. A firm believer of the fact that there is, “no such thing as can’t nor is there such a thing as simply being ‘good enough’”, he has managed to instil the same truths into the lives of his children.

After arriving in Canada with only ten dollars in his pocket, Feroz went on to own the second largest paper supply company in British Columbia. A seasoned and established business man, he continuously pushes himself (and those around him) to reach the highest possible standards. His over 25 years in the real estate market and his vast experience with managing corporations fostered his belief in the potential of people. Something he seeks to encourage to fruition and realization in those he meets.

As one of twelve children in the family, Feroz learned at an early age what it takes to have drive, ambition, and perseverance. Throughout his adult life, he has been a voice for progress, change, and prosperity. An extremely well respected member of his community, Feroz is often sought upon for guidance in a variety of situations. He is also an extremely major advocate for advanced education systems in his community.

He enjoys spending time with his family and staying active in the community. His favourite book is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and he believes that in any field, knowledge with experience guarantees success.

Feroz’s role as President provides direction and guidance to the organization.