Omrinder Singh Mahil, Communications Manager

Omrinder Mahil is a Communications Manager for PRIME Learning Group, overseeing the planning, development and execution of all marketing communications services and activities. This includes developing and maintaining branding, managing advertising campaigns, and communicating consistent messages across print and electronic media. He ensures that key, strategic messages are communicated effectively to target audiences. Omrinder is currently assisting the company through its business relocation plan to Abbotsford, BC.

Aside from his role in Communications, he also is responsible for numerous operational management duties. Working closely with the Vice-President and Director of Corporate Development, his key areas of responsibility in this role include Leadership, Client Relations, Business Administration, and Human Resources.

Prior to joining PRIME Learning Group, Omrinder had found success in a number of diverse roles from an array of fields such as aviation and aerospace security and investigations, transportation/trucking, logistics and supply chains, public policy and safety and office management. It is his versatility, ability to “think outside the box” and adaptability that led him to succeed in these various roles. He believes that hard work is intrinsically virtuous of reward and his character and integrity are unwavering aspects of how he communicates with others.

Omrinder has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Simon Fraser University. He hopes to continue to bring value-added ideas and specifically tailor them to PRIME’s marketing goals and objectives.