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Communications Training | Prime Learning Group

Effective communication is about simplicity…and structure.

There’s a fairly famous children’s game called “Broken Telephone”.  In the game, someone comes up with a message and passes it on to the person sitting next to them by whispering it into their ear.  The message is passed along to everyone in the circle and the game ends when the last person receives the message and then speaks it out loud.  Inevitably, the message becomes muddled. What started out as, “It’s a sunny day today” can become, “Snakes are swimming down by the bay”.

What happens in a children’s game happens all the time in daily life.  People communicate in many different ways; with more than 60% of communication being non-verbal.  Conflicts and misunderstandings easily arise within an organization; and are only fueled by the fact that most organizations are comprised of many different cultures, generations and world viewpoints.

At PRIME, we teach our clients the communications skills and tactics designed to:

  • Improve working relationships
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Resolve conflict
  • Increase win-win negotiations
  • Understand power structure impact
  • Understand generation gap impact
  • Develop cross cultural communication skills
  • Simplify communication
  • Cultivate a culture of patience, tolerance and acceptance
  • SAVE your organization MONEY!

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