PRIME’s Project Team

Prime Learning Group's Project Management Team

From project management to corporate education to organizational development, PRIME has the experts you need.

PRIME is comprised of a team of highly skilled and educated individuals.  Our ethos is to provide our clients with the finest services in the industry and help them reach their organizational goals.  If you succeed, we succeed.

PRIME Learning Group Team:

Feroz Dean
When faced with challenges in life, Feroz has met each one of them head on. He has risen to every test and has exceeded all expectations. A firm believer of the fact that there is, “no such thing as can’t nor is there such a thing as simply being ‘good enough’”, he has managed to instil the same truths into the lives of his children.
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Sydney Dean
Vice President
Sydney frequently volunteers to drive people to the airport simply due to the fact that it allows her to engage in one of her favourite activities: people watching. She’s a student of the human race and believes that all people have worth. This trait allows her to never cease to be amazed by the imagination, wonder and surprise of those around her.
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Alanna Dean
Director of Corporate Development
Alanna is the inspiration behind PRIME’s business model (P2PR™) and vision. She created PRIME because she saw a need for respect in the workplace and firmly believes that people should enjoy what they are doing, and be able to work in environments that allow them to do just that.
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Omrinder Singh Mahil
Communications Manager
Omrinder Mahil is a Communications Manager for PRIME Learning Group, overseeing the planning, development and execution of all marketing communications services and activities. This includes developing and maintaining branding, managing advertising campaigns, and communicating consistent messages across print and electronic media. He ensures that key, strategic messages are communicated effectively to target audiences. Omrinder is currently assisting the company through its business relocation plan to Abbotsford, BC.
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AJ Mauger
Instructional Designer
A.J. is an Instructional Designer with PRIME Learning Group. As an Instructional Designer, his duties include developing curriculum using PRIME’s Path to Positive Results (P2PR) 4-step process. Through this role, A.J. has demonstrated remarkable research, writing and communication skills. His ability to think creatively yet maintain a critical and evaluative perspective enables him find effective and novel solutions to problems.
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