Benefits and Employee Programs

Employee Benefits and Employee Programs

Taking care of your employees just makes cents.

Studies abound suggesting the financial impact of recruiting, training and educating a key employee can exceed $50k.  Given this, it makes sense (and cents) to ensure that good employees are made to feel valued and appreciated.

A well-designed employee benefits and rewards program will attract great people to your organization – and keep them there.  At PRIME, we help companies develop and execute programs that are custom suited.  They take all aspects of your organization into consideration, and ensure that your staff member’s goals and objectives are in alignment with your company’s goals.

Our programs include forays into: healthcare, disability, absence management, life insurance, captive insurance and retirement services.   Our services and programs are designed to:

  • Help control health care costs
  • Provide health benefits that attract and retain the best employees
  • Mitigate financial and regulatory risks
  • Encourage healthier lifestyles
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce sick days
  • Alleviate stress in the workplace
  • SAVE you time and MONEY

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