Restructuring Planning

Restructuring Planning and Change Management

A company that does not change, does not evolve; just as a company that does not question, does not solve.

Change.  It’s interesting how a single word can evoke feelings of hope in some, and fear in others.  Irregardless, change is almost always good for an organization.  The challenge is:  planning and managing change.

From downsizing to expansion to restructuring, PRIME’s highly talented team can help ensure positive transformations as your organization restructures.  We are especially skilled with helping:

  • Grow profitable resources while divesting those that no longer support your strategy.
  • Restructure debt in order for you to maintain relationships with lenders and vendors.
  • Restructure compensation plans.
  • Create new and expanded distribution channels.
  • Optimize your supply chain.
  • Improve productivity at every level.

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