Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans help organizations reach amazing breakthroughs.

Strategic planning is about coming to terms with your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and then putting a plan in place that leverages everything great about you.  When this happens, order replaces chaos, enthusiasm replaces frustration, and the creative process is allowed to flow smoothly.  The shackles of your organization are lifted as everyone strives to contribute to a common goal.

PRIME has helped leading businesses and organizations develop execute and assess successful strategic plans.  We would love to help you too.

Here are some of the objectives of PRIME’s strategic planning process:

  • Define the purpose of your organization and align your goals with the larger corporate vision; complete with time frames and budgets.
  • Establish clear metrics to measure progress and a mechanism for change when needed.
  • Build consensus about where the organization is going and create 100% buy-in within the group.
  • Provide clearer focus for the organization, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Bridge group members to upper management and the board of directors.
  • Solve major problems in the organization caused by groups working at cross purposes.

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