Our Process

Path to positive results - Prime Learning Group customized education process

A process designed for both individual and organizational success.

Our Path to Positive Results, or P2PR™, 4-step process is designed to deliver results, increase profitability and save your money.

Path to Positive Results:

needs analysis - Prime Learning Group's Customized Education and Organizational Development Needs Analysis

This step allows us to understand your organization and culture so we can develop a customized education solution for your organization that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART).

Implementation - Prime Learning Group's Project Management and Organizational Development Implementation

This step involves scheduling and implementing your customized education program and action plan.  In this process you will be enlisting a highly specialized team of training and corporate development specialists.

Evaluation - Prime Learning Group's Customized Education and Leadership Development Evaluation

Just like a professional athlete recording their sessions in order to gain perspective on their performance, PRIME measures ongoing performance and benchmark achievements to ensure your organization stays on the path to success.

Results Based Planning - Prime Learning Group Results Based Planning

At PRIME, we use the information gained through our continuous process to make recommendations and provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to your team.  This creates a solid connection between all involved, encourages effective communication and provides the highest level of service to your organization.

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