A Change is as Good as a Vacation (?)

Lately the metro Vancouver area seems a bit like a ghost town. It is the time of the seasonal migration out of town, to the cottage, to touristy spots, to Grandma’s house. Campers line the highways, and kids everywhere are maximizing their last few weeks of freedom from school. It seems like everyone is on vacation – except us!

We, here at PRIME, are in the midst of a different kind of adventure. We have recently moved into a new office in Abbotsford. This change has brought on some concerns – how long will it take to drive to our new office? What will the reaction of our existing customers be? How will new customers feel about the new location? Will our staff be open to the challenges presented by the move?

People often fear change. In fact, fear of change can be crippling, filling us with self-doubt and anxiety. Often it goes hand-in-hand with stress brought about by uncertainty and disregard for values.

Anxiety can take on different forms:

  1. Fear of Unknown – uncertainty of the future
  2. Fear of Failure – will we get things right?
  3. Fear of Success – Do we deserve success? What extra work comes along with it?
  4. Fear of Loss – a change of routine, change of colleagues, maybe even the loss of a parking space (gasp!)
  5. Fear of Upsetting Others – what ripple effects will the change cause?
  6. Fear of Leaving a Comfort Zone – We like our routines and want to stay in our comfort zones.


In spite of this rather impressive list of fears, we know that staying in a routine can be detrimental. By doing things the same old way, we miss out on opportunities to grow and improve, to push past our old boundaries and to go on to great success.

In our industry – that of training and development – we ask people every day to change old habits and embrace new possibilities. We look for them to expand their horizons and, sometimes, to take leaps of faith. Our feeling – and, indeed, our experience – has been that it is always worth it.

We have not only changed our physical location, we have also changed our ways of being. With the new location comes a new energy. We are excited about being in a new market. We are looking at opportunities and challenges in a whole new light and are eagerly embracing what is coming up.

So… is a change as good as a vacation? Well. I would still love to be sun-tanning poolside, but I am very excited about what is coming up – for PRIME Learning Group, and for me!

Laura Sukorokoff is a trainer/facilitator and content developer with PRIME Learning Group. Currently she is working on updating the Human Resources curriculum and is deeply involved in change management theory. She is also working on her own change management process and is checking out ideas for personal growth.  You can read more at www.primelearninggroup.com.

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