Buzz Word: Accountability

There are so many buzz words circulating these days that sometimes we lose track of their meaning with their repetitive use.  Life gets busy, we wish to make a point, and so we throw in a word that people seem to be speaking.  One of these words is accountability.  When we, at PRIME, look at this word from a few different angles we begin to see hidden meanings and words within the word:  Accountability = count – accountable – accounts.   If we apply these three words to your business, and its employees, we begin to see how they can generate improved employee satisfaction, team work, and increased revenue.

Count:  Not to be confused with the Chocula variety, refers to being counted.  To be counted within your business means that every employee feels like a vital part of the
process – one where they are needed, appreciated, and thus inspired. Communication lines remain open, they know their particular role and all that it entails, and they can attain goals they set for themselves within given timelines.  At PRIME we count each and every employee as our client and analyze their needs, goals, and frustrations by truly listening to them and taking note.  Such analysis immediately empowers each participant and ultimately helps us get a clear view of your business from a variety of perspectives.

Accountable: Means to take responsibility for your actions.  When employees feel threatened by the reactions of their managers they tend to play the blame game rather than own their challenge areas.  This is a very sensitive issue and requires a large amount of compassion, listening, and guidance.  Because PRIME customizes our workshops to speak to the needs of each company and its employees we broach the topic of accountability through a variety of tried and true techniques that guide people towards their own actions and reactions within the workplace.  The process can be quite eye opening and even transformational.  The AHA moments that PRIME workshops can evoke opens up lines of communication and creates more culpability within the workplace.

Accounts:  Refers to building your customer database.  When employees feel vital(counted), and responsible (accountable), they feel like a vital member of the company.  The company’s success becomes their mission and complacency is not an option.  Ideas are generated through energized teamwork is energized with the inevitable increase of job satisfaction.  When employees are empowered they go the extra mile to prospect new customers, increase the amount of accounts in their charge, and generate revenue. This is most definitely a win-win situation.

At PRIME we never underestimate the power in words and therefore mean it when we say that we are accountable to every business we have the opportunity to work with.

No wonder why this word is all the buzz!

Jodi Derkson

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