Comfort zones are…uncomfortable!

Why is it so dang uncomfortable within our comfort zones?  It feels claustrophobic, limiting, and downright boring at times. We arrive at the same time daily, sit in the very same spot, and make the exact some amount of calls. Projects are carried out in one way -the way that seems to have worked all of these years. Yet, somehow, and not surprisingly, we are not really all that fulfilled.

Does this sound familiar?

How can a business grow when it remains comfortable? If nobody is pushing the boundaries, crossing into new territory, and researching new and improved manners of getting the job done then how can you grow?  In Tim Ferriss’ inspirational book,  The 4-hour work week,  he persuades the reader to do at least one thing that really scares them on a daily basis. This might mean calling Bill Gates to offer your company’s services or attending a networking event with a bunch of big wigs.  Whatever it is, nothing worth having comes easy.

At PRIME, using our patented Path to Positive Results model (P2PR™) we are able to gauge where your company is stuck, where you have failed to push, and what may motivate your team members to take more chances and prospect new clients on an ongoing basis.  As no two businesses are alike, we customize the education required to bring about the changes you desire.  Through engaging workshops where involvement is key, participants are guided with care towards stepping outside their comfort zones and thus, discovering things about themselves and your company that they may never have thought of.

We are all here to grow – and growing, as a company, towards positive change is a common goal.  Such growth takes work.  With PRIME to facilitate the process, you are sure to find that the air sure smells a lot fresher outside that comfort zone and that business building results can be achieved in ways you never knew were possible.

So, go ahead, step out of that cramped space!  What have you got to lose?

Jodi Derkson

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