Just a Little Spit and Polish

As mentioned in my previous blog, our company is undergoing change. In this case the change is physical – we have moved. However, it would seem that this one rather large change has encouraged us to make other changes. The move has prompted us to do an analysis of where we’re at business-wise, as well as location-wise.

PRIME Learning Group (and, to some extent, each person working here) is doing a SWOT analysis. We are looking at where we are right now, where we would like to be, and the changes we need to make along the way to get us there.

A SWOT analysis looks at the following:

Strengths – what are our strengths (programs, staffing, expertise, etc.)?

Weaknesses – what are some areas we need to improve upon to make us better?

Opportunities – what resources do we have at our disposal to effect these changes?

Threats – what risks are inherent in making these change decisions? How do they affect us?

So, after doing a little corporate soul-searching, we have taken a fresh look at our existing curricula. We are doing a little spit and polish job on selected programs, are doing some updating on others to make them current, and are creating new educational and training programs to fill in the gaps. Along the way we are also seeing so many business opportunities and areas for personal growth.

While many view change as frightening and something to be avoided, our experience here has been that change can be exciting (but, yes, it involves a lot of work) and can open our eyes to many new and wonderful things on the horizon.

If you think it’s time for a change, why not do your own SWOT analysis? If you find you need to do your own version of spitting and polishing, or your own major overhaul – why wait? It can lead to great things.

If you need some help along the way, in the form of training, project management, consulting, or inspiration, give us a call. We’re here to help – and we’ve been through it!

Laura Sukorokoff is a trainer/facilitator and content developer with PRIME Learning Group. Currently she is working on updating the Human Resources Curriculum and is deeply involved in change management theory. She is also working on her own change management process and is checking out ideas for personal growth.  You can read more at www.primelearninggroup.com.


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