PRIME has arrived… in Abbotsford, BC

PRIME Learning Group, British Columbia’s leading firm in Corporate Training, Project Management and Organizational Development has had a transformational 2012.  Our year began with excitement and growth, exponentially diversifying our products and services.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs, we hear about diversification and change daily; in theory, change is good though challenging- the reality is that with change comes new information.  New information leads to more change, analysis and understanding that sometimes…a new direction is necessary.

PRIME’s journey has transformed greatly over the last few years:

  • Working on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and the G8/G20 Summits
  • Expanding joint training ventures
  • Acting as senior consultants to sectors within the Public Service Agency
  • Working with Mining and Engineering firms
  • Licencing our programs to Colleges and Universities

Our team has carefully and strategically diversified our path.

In 2012, PRIME reconfirmed our “WHY”.  As the “Golden Circle” (Simon Sinek) states, purpose is the key to success.  PRIME’s WHY is customization; customization simply means: “to make to individual or personal specifications.”  PRIME understands that no two clients, learners or team members are alike.  Therefore, everything we do is customized to YOU!  Our service, analysis, training and project solutions are all unique.  This belief is something that everyone on the PRIME team lives and stands by.  We are PASSIONATE about this value because we believe that continuous improvement is unique and we are committed to help each person we interact with find their unique path of development.

So in order to facilitate the growth of that vision, we decided to include a new direction into our corporate climate.  First and foremost, we realized the necessity of opening a Training Centre, a place where we could host clients, courses and retreats.  So… on January 11, 2013, PRIME officially opened our Training Centre in the amazing community of Abbotsford, BC!!!

PRIME’s open house was AWESOME!  Our team hosted an Open House where we offered mini sessions on some key topics such as: Project Management, Executive Leadership, Human Resources and Custom Corporate Training.  In addition to our Open House, we hosted an incredible event with the Abbotsford Heat hockey club; clients, friends and PRIME supporters were treated to a fun night of hockey!

2013 has also brought some exciting new talent to the PRIME team.  We are so pleased to include Sean Falys (http://ca NULL.linkedin as the newest leader of the PRIME Team.  As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sean brings a wealth of expertise, strategic analysis and innovative growth ideas.  Sean’s vision is to diversify and grow this awesome brand.  It was his keen eye and understanding of the marketplace which was the catalyst for opening our new training centre in Abbotsford.

So, having said all of that, 2013 looks to be an exciting year for PRIME- collaborating with new clients, facilitating new projects and hosting executive courses at our new Training Centre.  We hope that 2013, is an amazing year for your team as well.

If you and your team are interested in customized solutions that stimulate and inspire growth,

Give us a call! 

We look forward to collaborating with you!!!


Alanna Dean
(http://ca NULL.linkedin
Director of Corporate Development

PRIME Learning Group

32112 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
V2T 1W4

Office 604.864.7701
Fax    604.864.7717
Twitter: @PRIMELG (http://twitter (https://www NULL.facebook

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