PRIME’s unique training model has been recognized by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) as a positive addition to its growing organizational development department.  BCLDB with over 3500 employees was acknowledged as BC’s top employer in 2011.  It is the organization’s commitment to training and development of its employees that has earned them this honour. They recognize that lifelong learning is the cornerstone for ensuring that employees will remain with the company thereby using its human capital to the best advantage.

In times when technology is driving organizational change at an exponential pace, it is more and more important to keep the corporation on the cutting edge of change while also making sure that employees see change as an opportunity rather than a threat to their professional security.

PRIME’s skilled facilitators and its trademarked PRIME’s Path to Positive Results (P2PR) ensure that the client’s needs are met and that results are guaranteed.  PRIME looks forward to its partnership with the BCLDB in developing its on-going in-house training program.

By : Sydney Dean

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