Prime – With You Every Step of The Way

I ran my first marathon last year, something that I was most assuredly not ready for. After just over 5 hours of my feet pounding against the pavement, cramps in both legs and not seeing any other runners around for the last 10 kilometres, I crossed the finish line and received a coveted FINISHER medal. Despite my lack of training, I managed to reach my goal. Sheer determination brought me there.

During races, the streets are lined with supporters; people cheering you on, handing out water, offering encouragement and motivation. Coaches shout out instructions and praise, friends and family members share their love, total strangers become your cheerleaders. It’s an atmosphere full of positivity.

On my last run I was struck by how similar PRIME is to those who line the streets. We believe in you and want to see you reach your goal. We want to see your dreams fulfilled and are willing to become your cheerleaders. We’re also here to act as a hands on coach, not to run the race for you, but along with you; providing you with instruction, direction, motivation and encouragement.

At the 1992 Olympic Summer Games in Barcelona, British runner Derek Redmond tore his hamstring during the semi finals. Instead of giving up, he stood up and began hobbling his way around the track, his face becoming contorted in obvious pain. Out of the stands bolted an unknown man who ran onto the track… a man later identified as being Derek’s father. With his arm wrapped around his father’s shoulder, Derek managed to complete his race.

Now, in no way am I saying that PRIME compares to the love and devotion that a father has for a son, yet the similarity lies in the fact that we’re here to pick you up if you happen to fall. We’ll support you in every way that we can in order for you to gain the most out of your investment, and reach that finish line.

Whether you’re looking to partner with us for a short jaunt, or a long term endeavour, we’re here to run alongside… every step of the way.

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