There’s No Such Thing as “One Size Fits All”

I chuckle to myself when I’m browsing through clothes in a store and come across an article that has a tag which reads, “One size fits all”.  I’m a big guy; standing 6’3” and weighing in at 250lbs.  There’s no way that a t-shirt that fits me, would be any way flattering to someone 5’0” and weighing 110lbs. dripping wet; as a sweater or a dress perhaps, but definitely not a form fitting t-shirt.

People, like the fingerprints we all have, are truly unique.  No two people are alike.  We at PRIME celebrate your diversity.  Everything we do is customized directly to you and your own needs and goals.  There aren’t any cookie cutter moulds for any of our programs.  And the beauty of us customizing everything directly to you is that you can begin to implement everything you learn immediately.

Alanna, the Director of Training and Development here at PRIME, makes a point of knowing and remembering the names of practically every single person she comes in contact with.  Within the first few hours of a training session, she’s able to put names to the faces of everyone in the room.  She understands and appreciates the value that each person has, and makes it a point to convey your worth.  And this is part of the reason why it’s not uncommon for her to be invited to people’s houses for BBQ’s or home cooked meals.  Not that that’s a condition of your partnership with us or anything.  J   You’re never just a client.  You truly do become part of PRIME’s family.

Never will you be referred to as a number, unless of course, your name is a number.  Nor will you be referred to by the name of your company.  You are unique and will be treated as such.  You are Cassandra, Omar, Minh, Steve, Aaliya, Brenda, Sudeep, Xui Li, Davina, Malcolm…   You have value.  You have worth.  And we believe in you!

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