Welcoming Change

Inevitable Change

Change. It arrives with fear, uncertainty and optimism and in the last year I have learned that change is inevitable. Our entire life involves a series of changes, both good and bad, and no matter how we feel, the one thing we can always count on is that things are going to change.

In my experience, change has brought me so many challenges and rewards in the last couple of months and never would I have thought I’d get to where I am today so fast. 6 months ago I was pulling hairs writing 50 page essays, 5 months ago I lost people that were close to me, 4 months ago I completed my undergrad and today I am working as a Manager for a leading edge, global learning and development organization.

People have different ways of dealing with changes. So how did I do it? It was simple:

  1. * I realized there’s no way around it
  2. * It’s up to us as individuals to accept it and make it work.
  3. * You’re never alone: When dealing with change, remember that you are bonded together by your changes with family and friends, so feed off one another’s strengths to pull through


Change in our organization

Here at PRIME we feel that change is happening faster than ever before.  We have recently opened a new office in Abbotsford and look forward to establishing ourselves in this thriving community. We’re very excited for this change and the opportunities and challenges it will bring.

I look forward to helping my colleagues settle into my hometown.

Omrinder Mahil is a Communications Manager with PRIME Learning Group. Currently, he is running operations and overseeing all planning, development, and execution of PRIME’s communication activities, including managing blog entries. You can expect to read more of his blogs at www.primelearninggroup.com




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